How is andaah! Better Than Regular Eggs?

Consuming eggs leads to your body getting a good amount of nutrition. Apart from different types of vitamins, eggs also feature phosphorus, folate, zinc, selenium, calcium, healthy fats and protein. While a large number of people consume eggs early in the morning, there are many who like them to be a part of their lunch and dinner spread as well.

While eating eggs will make you healthy, you need to be a little conscious about the kind of eggs your body consumes. You need to make a conscious effort to consume protein-rich eggs. These are the kind of eggs that will truly lead you toward a healthier lifestyle.

A lot of people, who are serious about achieving their fitness goals, wonder where they can buy healthy, quality eggs from. There are many companies that claim to offer nutritious eggs to their consumers. However, only a few of them manage to deliver on this promise. One such brand is andaah!!.

Why You Should Choose andaah! Eggs?

Andaah!! is a brand that has become synonymous with offering high-quality eggs to its patrons. In the last few years, many companies have tried to get into this particular space. While many of them failed, some managed to sustain themselves but didn’t quite offer the kind of eggs that a fitness enthusiast or health freak would like to include in their diet. andaah!! is the only self owned farm that is automated and has in house experts to supervise the entire process of procuring the eggs. All the way from bringing in broilers to breeding, feeding, temperature controls as well as collecting is closely monitored to maintain hygiene, health of hens and finally keep away any flaws to provide the best product to their consumers.

The emergence of andaah!! in this particular space has proved to be a boon for those who were looking for high quality eggs that have good protein content and are beneficial for one’s health. The eggs offered by andaah!! have been tried and tested by experts and all of them vouch for the fact that these eggs are of the highest quality and healthy enough to be consumed by people of all age groups.

What Makes andaah! Eggs Healthy?

Unlike other companies and poultries, andaah!!, the company owns the farms, it has complete control over how the eggs are produced. Teams, consisting of health and nutrition experts, are deployed in these farms. They are responsible for ensuring that the eggs produced in these farms are of very high quality and the kind that would do justice to the diet of a health-conscious person. Since the brand offers eggs online delivery service, you can have them delivered to your doorstep.

The money you invest in andaah!! eggs goes towards improving your health. Apart from making you fitter, these eggs also regulate your health in a way that you experience a glow on your skin and feel more energetic throughout the day. When you are looking for protein-rich eggs, this is one brand you can put your trust in.